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There is a common knowledge of Africans being the first humans on earth. Many people have heard this in passing, but do not believe it to be true. This is due to the fact that history has been altered and taught wrongly.

The oldest human remains found by archaeologists is that of a Negro/brown/black person. This helps in buttressing the facts that Africans created a civilization, and that various African tribes inhabited various regions of the earth, outside mother-land Africa.

One of such people is the Twa tribe of Africa, who were the first people to live in Ireland. They were also referred to as Akan by other African tribes, and Leprechaun by Europeans. The name Leprechaun comes the old Irish ‘luchorpán’, which is a compound name composed of lú meaning ‘small’ and corp meaning ‘body’.

The Twa practiced matriarchy. They venerated the Great Black Mother and had women as leaders of their tribe. There have been many tales told about the Leprechauns and their magical powers. Many people believed them to be a fairy tale, but in reality, they existed.

The Twa were diminutive (little) men and women, who grew to a height of about 4’11”. They were skilled craftsmen who migrated from Africa into Ireland many thousands of years ago. They had advanced knowledge of medicine, metallurgy, textile, and clothing manufacturing. They were also excellent at shoemaking, which the Caucasians at that time in human existence thought was “magical”.

The existence of the Twa people has been confirmed by various authorities in history and archeology. British Egyptologists Gerald Massey and Albert Churchward, the Scottish historian David Mac Ritchie, and the British antiquarian Godfrey Higgins, have carried out exhaustive research on this topic, and have shed light on the Twa people.

Many writers, the likes of Tacitus, Pliny, Claudian, and others have described the Blacks they encountered in the British Isles (Ireland) as “Black as Ethiopians,” “Cum Nigris Gentibus,” “nimble-footed blackamoors,” and so on.

Historians account that the Partholans, Formorians, Nemeds, Firbolgs, Tuatha-De-Danann, Milesians of Ireland, and the Picts of Northern Scotland were all Blacks.

Also, the Firbolgs who were believed to be a section of the Nemeds, are believed to be the Twa. They are described by historians as the dwarfs, dark elves or leprechauns in Irish History.

Source: Pick/JFK Danku



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