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Ghanaian blogger and social media commentator, Elorm Beenie, has said that most women tend to exaggerate what they think orgasm is due to the influence of social media and friends.

Whiles contributing to the discussion on Ghanaweb TV’s Moans and Cuddles show on the topic ‘Satisfying a woman sexually, the male perspective’, Elorm said most women have high hopes of what orgasm is, and influences from social media and other conversations with their fellow women tend to make then have unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex.

According to him, most women use what they see on social media, or what friends have told them about their experiences with other men to measure the performance of their partners and tag them boring when these expectations are not met.

“I think most women in recent times because of social media tend to exaggerate or have high hopes or expectations of what orgasm is, because maybe the next person friend or sister or somebody somewhere else have told them about their experience with another man. So they feel if my man is not getting to that level that means he is weak,” he told the host Akosua Konadu Owusu.

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