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Deborah Vanessa has spoken about marriage ahead of Fella Makafui and Medikal’s wedding on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

She posted on her Instagram that she is not dust to settle.

This was Deborah’s response after a fan asked her when she would get married because Medikal and Fella are about to wed.

Sister Deborah wrote: “Them: Sister Derby so when are you settling down? Me: Why, am I dust?…”

She shared this caption with a photo revealing herself as usual.

However, the majority of fans who commented on her post think that Deborah Vanessa is depressed.

Some accused her of dressing indecently to show the actual state of her mind.

An Instagram user, Akua, for instance, thinks so:

akuapapabi7: “Depression makes you wear revealing stuff to make yourself feel good but deep inside hmmm.”

Obaapa also asked Deborah to focus on being an ideal lady to save her next relationship:

obaapa_flor: “E no dey hia, learn how to cook and stop exposing yourself at least it will save ur next relationship.”

Samet begged to date Sister Deborah for some time:

sametdesigns: “Jezzzzz… Can we date for 30 seconds??? U r too beautiful.”


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