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The woes of the embattled Member of Parliament (MP) Adansi-Asokwa Constituency in the Ashanti Region are far from over as executives have freshly petitioned the Regional Secretariat to sanction him over gross disrespect.

A copy of the petition sighted by and signed by Nine (9) Constituency and Twenty (20) polling station executives respectively accuses Hon KT Hammond of showing gross disrespect to executives of the party and its structures.

It reads “The leadership of the Adansi Asokwa Constituency would like to officially apologize for the misconduct and gross disrespect from our Member of Parliament, Hon. K.T. Hammond towards the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Party, Mr. Bernard Antwi Bosiako (also known as Chairman Wontumi).

We equally would like to appeal to the entire Executive of the Party in the Regional to accept our apology for the poor attitude of Hon. K.T. Hammond. The Party and its Constitution is bigger and supreme than any individual member in the Party. Hon. K.T. Hammond’s disrespect towards Ashanti Regional Chairman is tantamount to the disrespect of the Party’s Constitution, our rules and regulations. We are therefore petitioning the Regional Executive Committee to initiate a Disciplinary Action against Hon. K.T. Hammond to serve as a deterrent to the rest of the members of the Party in the Region.

We are urging the Regional Executive Committee to summon Hon. K.T. Hammond before the Regional Disciplinary Committee to explain why he insulted the Ashanti Regional Chairman and by extension the Regional Executives of the Party on Media Platform.

Hon. K.T. Hammond has disrespected members of the Party for far too long and such ungodly behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated as a Party. For and on behalf of the Adansi Asokwa Constituency Leadership. We undersigned card bearing and Executives of the Party are calling for urgent Disciplinary Action against Hon. K.T. Hammond.”


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