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Ghana is blessed with many natural resources such as gold and diamond and recently Crude oil, but that isn’t all this west African nation has to offer. Ghana also boasts of many enviable tourist attraction sites and colonial buildings thus musicians from Ghana and its neighboring countries troop in to take advantage of these locations to make their videos very attractive. has identified and listed five of such locations that musicians can’t do without in their music video, below is the list of such locations

  1. Jamestown Lighthouse

Jamestown lighthouse is a colonial building located in Jamestown Accra, the beautifully painted white and red tower has featured the most in music videos in Ghana. Top artists like Sarkodie and Stonebwoy used this location in their music videos.

  1. Aburi Mountains Road.

Aburi Mountain road is one of the most beautiful roads in Ghana and it links the capital Accra and Eastern Region with serene and beautiful mountainous view, this beautiful road has attracted international musicians like 2face idibia of Nigeria and most top artist in Ghana at large has used this road in shooting some of the best music videos ever in Ghana.

  1. Ghetto/Slums (Nima/Ashiaman)

The hood or ghetto as we popularly called them is one of the most used locations in music videos in Ghana with Nima and Ashiaman being the mostly used neighborhoods in music videos across Ghana.

  1. Beach

Ghana’s coastline is arguably one of the best places to spend your holiday or leisure time in Ghana and musicians in Ghana have contributed immensely by showcasing some of these beautiful beaches across the country in their music videos. Waterfronts such us the Treasure beach, Safari beach in Ada dominated in this category making it one of the most used locations in Ghanaian music videos.

  1. Trasacco

Trasacco Valley is the most luxurious and expensive residential address on Ghana’s real estate’s market, which boost of Footballers and top politicians as its residents and musicians have done the right thing by showcasing some of this beautiful buildings and environment to the world through their music videos Danku


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